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Rio - Lagoonatic Fly

If redfish is your game, the RIO's Lagoonatic is your fly. This pattern is neutrally buoyant and has a reinforced tail post to keep it from fouling, as well as a monofilament weed guard.

Rio's - Banana Stand

water redfish. Mixed with ostrich in the body, these flies blend subtlety with flash and result in a well visible fly in many murky and higher water conditions. And most importantly, "there's always money in the banana stand".

Rio's - Boylee Gulpin' Shrimp

When RIO Signature Tyer, Josh Boyles, got wind that the local Redfish were crushing soft plastics over flies, he immediately had an idea. Tie a fly that looked like a gulp on a jig head. Voilà.

Rio's - Brammer Finger Mullet

RIO's Brammer Finger Mullet is the number one go-to meal for any and every fish that preys on baitfish. Fish it with a floating line, fish it with a deep sink tip, fish it for Brazil's Peacock Bass and even Flordia's Snook—this is one fly that's guaranteed ready to hunt.

Rio's - Bunky Shrimp

Complete with a translucent shell, the Bunky Shrimp is a big hit for bonefish in Mexico and the Bahamas as well as other tropical regions.

Rio's - Feczko Chrimp

Universal small heavy shrimp for every shrimp eating flats fish.