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AFW - Shark rig

This Economy Shark Rig is professionally assembled, twisted, and crimped and it is ready to fish right out of the bag with minimal bait prep. Shark rigs work best when the bait is fresh and locally caught. Using standard shark baits, such as bluefish, mackerel, and other oily fish will work best to attract sharks since these streamlined bait-fish allow for an easier hook-set. For best results, hook the bait-fish through the eyes or through the bottom lip up to make the bait more streamlined and prevent it from spinning. Adding a skirt over the bait also works well since the combination of both can be used as a means to attract the shark’s attention, while at the same time, concealing the hook.

Ande - Leader Material 50Yd Spool

ANDE Premium monofilament is our standard production monofilament and is perfect for the vast majority of anglers. It is a medium-soft monofilament with excellent tensile and knot strength and it is very abrasion resistant. The Premium monofilament comes in three colors, clear, pink and dark green and is available in tests from 2 to 400 pound.

Berkley - Trilene Big Game Monofilament Leader

Trilene Big Game formula in leader material. Ranges from 30 lb. all the way up to 400 lb. for monster offshore fish

Daiwa - J-Braid Grand x8 Braided Fishing Line (Dark Green)

Introducing J-BRAID x8 GRAND, the new Ultimate Braid in Daiwa’s J-Braid Family. Strong, and resistant to abrasion yet well-bodied enough to lay smoothly on the spool. J-Braid x8 GRAND line is a complete line up of high quality 8 carrier braid made of the finest materials from Japan. J-BRAID x8 GRAND is spun with Izanas, a state-of-the-art new material utilizing 8 Carriers. These 8 carriers are supple yet with Izanas they’re 4 times as abrasion resistant as a typically tougher 4 carrier. J-BRAID™ DARK GREEN Dark Green that is more natural in situations where you may want to tie your hook or lure directly onto the line–without a leader

Diamond Fishing Products - Diamond Yard Line (Hollow Core)

The Diamond Yard Line Trolling Series 16X Hollow Core Braided Line is built on proven Generation 3 technology and will never leave you second guessing your spread or depth. A multi color line that changes between blue & white in 50 ft. intervals. This trolling series line has a 3000 yard spool length and comes in 80, 100, 130, and 150 lbs. Hollow-core Braid is used in some of the most demanding fisheries in salt water. Higher-grade materials strengthened with state-of-the-art braiding techniques are perfect for your fishing needs and are available now.

Diamond Fishing Products - Illusion Fluoro Leader

Diamond Illusion Fluorocarbon Leader Material is designed for catching shy game fish. The Fluorocarbon line makes it almost invisible in salt waters. The material is much denser and does not absorb water, this makes it sink faster compared to other materials. The leader material is high quality and has good abrasion resistance characteristics.