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Big Game Hooks

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BKK Hooks - Monster Circle

BKK’s Monster Circle hooks are specifically developed to target the greatest and strongest saltwater species like bluefin tuna and marlin, both on bait and when trolling. It features BKK’s Ultra-antirust coating that ensures superb saltwater corrosion performance out of the package. BKK’s needle hook point is extremely sharp and the heavy-duty wire minimizes the chance for the hook to be pulled open. Additionally, its straight hook eye and the in-line hook point design ensure a jaw corner hook up, ideal for catch and release. These hooks are simply a must-have when targeting extremely big fish.

BKK Hooks - Monster Circle Drifting Special

The BKK Monster Circle Drifting Special hook is specifically developed for drift fishing targeting massive saltwater species. The hook is designed with a straight eye and an in-line hook point making it very versatile as it can be used to tackle numerous blue water species such as tuna, king fish and sharks. When drifting, the stainless-steel ball bearing swivels with ultra-smooth dual rotation absorbing all torsional forces while avoiding tangles. BKK’s signature Hand Ground hook point delivers superb impaling power while at the same time minimizing piercing resistance, increasing the hook up ratio. It is the go to hook when targeting some of the world’s largest fish.

Black Bart Custom Pa'a Hooks SS

The Hawaiian term Pa'a in English means "hooked... never get away". Bart's Hawaiian Pa'a hooks are just that and more, sized perfectly for all tackle & species. Aloha Captain Bart Miller

FUDO Hooks - Gordo HD Circle Hook

FUDO Gordo Circle Hooks are designed for tournament anglers who seek to catch large billfish, and are named after Cabo's legendary Gordo Bank, where many Bisbee's Black & Blue-winning fish have been caught through live baiting. These hooks are inline and purpose-built for withstanding battles with massive gamefish, from strike to end game on the wire. Made from premium carbon steel, the extra heavy construction of these hooks enables them to withstand the strength and power of huge gamefish. The hooks are razor sharp, and their tips are reinforced with special forging to ensure uniform strength throughout the hook. The welded eyes of the hooks allow for easy snelling. The Gordo Circle Hooks are highly resistant to rust, thanks to a special matte black finish and proprietary clear coat protectant. This means that they can be reused throughout a tournament.

Fudo Hooks - Sta-Stuk Clips - 10 pack

Sta-Stuk Clips are available in 10 packs for use with all sizes of Sta-Stuk Hooks, sizes 9/0-11/0. Includes 10 outer sleeves and 10 inner sleeves.

Fudo Hooks - Sta-Stuk Kona Cut Point

Sta-Stuk is a revolutionary and PATENTED (US Patent #10405529) big-game hook design that is proven to improve your hookup ratio when targeting big game species. The brainchild of Release Marine’s founder Sam Peters, the Sta-Stuk idea and concept has been proven to be the most effective trolling hook for offshore sportfishing. Tested world-wide over the last 5 years and endorsed by Top Captains Including Marty Bates of Cape Verde/La Onda Milla fame.