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Four Horsemen 2.5" Oval Corks

(1) Oval Popper Covers more water, best used with artificial baits. Color Options - Orange, Red, Pink, Green or Yellow 3/8oz weight 130lb Spro swivel Stainless steel spring steel wire

Midcoast Products - The Outcast 4" Cork

The 4″ Outcast has won awards, bragging rights and records for sales and use. With the weight built right into the cork, it’s streamlined and ready to fly. Because of its popularity, we created a 3″ version of the original Outcast to give you even more distance. Just like a baseball travels farther than a softball, this smaller design will get you where want to be, without getting out of the boat. They both cast farther than any rig out there, are highly visible, and help catch fish that, until now, have been entirely out of reach without wade fishing.

Midcoast Products Evolution Corks

Midcoast Products asked their Pro Team from Matagorda to do some extensive prototype testing to determine what popping cork design would be most effective for the areas they fish. The result of their input is the "EVOLUTION". The first weighted, in-line popping cork that Midcoast Products has produced. At first glance you would think it's an "INTICER", but look closely at its design. Yes it's on a stainless steel wire and utilizes the same cork body and beads and its weighted. The greatest difference is beneath the weight. An eye and swivel were added to allow for attachment of your leader to the bottom of this popping cork. Try one the next time you're on the water. You are sure to be impressed with their performance! Sold individually.

Midcoast Products Nexus 4 Cork

The Nexus 4 & 5 are the next generation in extreme corks. For a more flexible feel, this Popping Cork uses mono-filament line instead of a ridged wire. It has its own special sound, which offers an alternative option. This cork has two different sizes. The Nexus 5 has a 1 oz. weight with a 5″ body and The Nexus 4 has a 3/4 oz weight with a 4″ body. The aerodynamic design helps you get to difficult spots. Determine which cork is best for you, and start reeling in the fish!