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Bayou Rattler - Sonar Ballzz

The Bayou Rattler Products Sonar Ballzz are an acoustic line lure accessory producing the "natural sound" of underwater prey. Each ball is a waterproof sphere with two inner chambers, equipped with three stainles steel pellets per chamber to produce a constant subtle sound to attract fish. Sonar Ballzz can be combined with any line, dead, or artificial bait to enhance your presentation with a natural sound. Add to your line at any point, inside soft lures, worms, or to any jigs or rigs. Proven effective in saltwater, fresh water, ice or fly fishing.

Boat Monkey Beads

Plastic Beads by Boat Monkey®.

Diamond Fishing Products - Glow Beads

Diamond Fishing Products glow beads add visibility to your bait presentation. Often used for deep-dropping and night fishing, these light absorbing beads produce a light glow when charged with light from an external light source.

Hi Seas - Luminous Beads

Works great for rigging high-speed trolling lures Increases bites when used on bottom fishing rigs for snapper, grouper, sea bass, blackfish, cod, rockfish, tilefish, and pollock

Jinkai Luminous Beads

JINKAI Luminous Beads attract fish and add higher visibility to lures and bait.