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BKK Hooks - Hybrid SS Heavy Circle

The BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle-SS is the inline-point version of the classic Heavy Circle-SS. It features BKK’s Super Slide coating for an enhanced penetration performance, a 45-degree up-turned eye to ease the snelling and an inline point to comply with the latest regulation of local fisheries and tournaments. It is the ultimate circle hook for striped bass fishing to support catch and release.

BKK Hooks - Lone diablo

The idea behind the design of the BKK-LONEDIABLO was to create the perfect single hook for lures. BKK’s latest technologies have been put together to give birth to this hook, equipped with top-notch penetration performance, long-lasting saltwater corrosion resistance, and excellent strength of the hook structure. The innovative BKK Hand-Ground hook point provides cutting-edge sharpness and penetration performance. At the same time, the Bright Tin coating technology minimizes the possibility of rusting and the peculiar hook shape maintains the grip throughout the fight. Last but not least, the combination of Micro and Slim Ring results in a slim profile without affecting the strength of the hook. Bestowed the Good Design Award 2017.

BKK Hooks - Reefmaster NP

The BKK Reef Master NP is developed to be a high cost/performance ratio versatile jigging hook. A perfectly welded ring and BKK’s accurate forging process enhance the overall strength of the hook structure, also reinforced by a bright tin coating providing excellent corrosion resistant performance even in harsh saltwater environments. In order to ensure solid hook ups every time, this hook also features BKK’s needle sharp hook point. Last but not least, the hook features BKK’s Micro Ring technology that allows for an adequate hook eye diameter and eases the attachment of split rings, without affecting the overall strength of the hook structure.

BKK Hooks - Wide Gap-R

The BKK Wide Gap-R bait hook is specifically designed to favor a natural presentation in live bait fishing using bait fish, shrimp and crayfish. The unique bend of the hook creates a really wide gap that allows bait fish to swim freely. Besides, the combination of a the shape (hook point facing the hook shank) and an offset hook point (reversed) contributes to its ability to self-set into the jaw of the fish. The hook features a needle-sharp hook point and a black nickel coating that delivers great corrosion resistance performance in a wide range of conditions.

Eagle Claw - Inshore Kahle Hook (TK9)

Inshore Kahle, light wire, offset, straight eye

Eagle Claw - Lazer Sharp Kahle Hook (Red)

Kahle plain shank with ringed eye, offset