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BKK Hooks - Hybrid SS Heavy Circle

The BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle-SS is the inline-point version of the classic Heavy Circle-SS. It features BKK’s Super Slide coating for an enhanced penetration performance, a 45-degree up-turned eye to ease the snelling and an inline point to comply with the latest regulation of local fisheries and tournaments. It is the ultimate circle hook for striped bass fishing to support catch and release.

Eagle Claw - (Trokar) 619 Circle Hook

619" magnum circle, heavy wire, non-offset, straight eye.

Eagle Claw - (Trokar) All Purpose Circle Hook (TK5)

All-purpose circle light wire, non-offset, welded eye.

Eagle Claw - (TroKar) Non-Offset Lancet Circle Hook (TK4)

Lancet circle, non-offset, welded eye

Eagle Claw - (Trokar) Primal Circle Hook (TK197)

Primal Circle light wire, offset, straight eye.

Eagle Claw - Billfish Light Wire, Wide Gap Circle Sea (L2004) Hook

Circle Sea light wire with ringed eye, non-offset tournament approved, forged point, platinum black