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Afw - Brass Coastlock Snap Swivels

Smooth operating brass swivels provide fluid motion preventing line twisting and kinking Snaps are made from high strength wire for superior holding power Strength tested reliability Black oxide finish

Bayou Rattler - Sonar Ballzz

The Bayou Rattler Products Sonar Ballzz are an acoustic line lure accessory producing the "natural sound" of underwater prey. Each ball is a waterproof sphere with two inner chambers, equipped with three stainles steel pellets per chamber to produce a constant subtle sound to attract fish. Sonar Ballzz can be combined with any line, dead, or artificial bait to enhance your presentation with a natural sound. Add to your line at any point, inside soft lures, worms, or to any jigs or rigs. Proven effective in saltwater, fresh water, ice or fly fishing.

BKK Hooks - Solid Rings - 51

Solid Ring-51 are produced from high quality stainless steel to avoid rust. Special punching and forging are capable of increasing strength at the same time reducing the wire section. Fine chemical polishing eventually creates a smooth surface to prevent line damage. Recommended for your jigging applications.

BKK Hooks - Split Rings -51

BKK Split Ring-51 are produced from high quality stainless steel to avoid rust. Precision forging and tempering optimize strength and elasticity. Fine chemical polishing smoothens any angles to prevent damaging the line.

BKK Hooks - Stainless BB Swivels

The BKK Stainless BB Swivel are made in high quality stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. Precise punching allows the wire section to be reduced without affecting the strength and elasticity required to fight big prey. Line damage is avoided by a thorough polishing of all surfaces and torsions are prevented by the smooth spinning mechanism of the swivel.