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D.O.A Shrimp 3"

The durability and versatility of the D.O.A. shrimp is still "the gold standard" in artificial lures. From freshwater Bass to saltwater Redfish tournaments, the D.O.A. Shrimp has put money in the pocket or dinner on the table for those who use the "GO TO" bait.

EGRET VUDU - Shrimp 3.25"

You'll think it's magic the way the new Vudu Shrimp catches fish!

Egret Vudu Shrimp - 4" Shrimp (More Colors)

The New Jumbo is 4 inches long and comes rigged with a 1/4 oz jig ready to fish. All Vudu Jumbo Shrimp have a 4.0 4X strong hook that can handle those big reds and trout. Great under a Vudu Popping cork or free lined. We built the top 8 colors for now, but other colors will be added in the future.