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Black Bart - El Squid Jr. Chain

Deadly El Squid Jr. jet heads, sizzling sounds, irresistible colors and ripping lure action!

Black Bart - El Squid Jr. Chain - Glow Green Chartreuse Dot

Deadly El Squid Jr. jet heads, sizzling sounds, irresistible colors and ripping lure action!

Black Bart - Tuna Candy Chain

Tuna can’t resist them, so real to pelagic food chain that bites are a certainty !

Black Bart Abaco Prowler

Cupped nose, large jets, all weather rigger favorite, the A.P. has won tournaments worldwide. Today it is one of our top sellers. This is a lure you can't afford not to have working in your pattern. Abaco Prowler is as good as it gets and my short outrigger favorite. The word is out already on this pure magic, high hook up ratio lure. Ask any pro, most will tell you that the Abaco Prowler Rules. Rig with 11/0 or 12/0 hooks.

Black Bart Cairns Prowler

Cairn’s Prowler created for the world down under & beyond, all weather, all species, all tackle, cupped jet with a reverse body taper for high hook ups & that special wiggle the predators can’t resist. Rig with 8/0 to 9/0 hook and 300-400 lb. leader. C.P. will be hot trolled in any position in the spread at a variety of speeds, choppy seas, blowin hard don’t fret C.P. eats that kind of stuff up and catches while cutting through bumpy sea conditions.

Black Bart Eleuthera Plunger

This is the lure that I won the 1975 International Tuna Tournament by 2000-point separation between first and second place, for me this was a landslide victory that after all of these past years still holds up as an all time record score for the event. How good is this fast moving intense little swimmer? Good enough that if it was the only lure in your tackle box it would be enough to over feed you! Tuna, Dolphin, Sails, Stripes, Whites, Spearfish, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, yes all of them will gleefully fall prey to this one of the greatest of the lures I call classic. Fish this mini Plunger on 200 to 300- leader, 8/0 hookdet, all positions, all weather, all tackle, works better than magic.