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AFW - Shark rig

This Economy Shark Rig is professionally assembled, twisted, and crimped and it is ready to fish right out of the bag with minimal bait prep. Shark rigs work best when the bait is fresh and locally caught. Using standard shark baits, such as bluefish, mackerel, and other oily fish will work best to attract sharks since these streamlined bait-fish allow for an easier hook-set. For best results, hook the bait-fish through the eyes or through the bottom lip up to make the bait more streamlined and prevent it from spinning. Adding a skirt over the bait also works well since the combination of both can be used as a means to attract the shark’s attention, while at the same time, concealing the hook.

Eagle Claw - Inline Circle Hook Shark Rig 48"

As catch and release becomes more popular among anglers today, gentle fish handling is becoming increasingly important. Studies have shown as high as 48% mortality rate on released fish hooked deep in the throat. Inline circle hooks have been proven to reduce fatal injuries decreasing the mortality rate by hooking the fish in the corner of the mouth in the majority of hook sets. Lazer Sharp Shark Inline Circle Rigs are tied with 100% regulation approved American made fish hooks, offering the angler peace of mind in efforts to conserve their fisheries. These rigs are offered in a variety of styles and hook sizes, to accommodate different style of fishing and different sizes and styles of bait.

Eagle Claw - Piano Wire Kingfish Leader

Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp® Kingfish Piano-Wire Rig is the tool you need to wrestle in a kingfish. 120-lb. test piano wire comes equipped with three 5/0 L2 nickel octopus hooks. Crane swivel attaches to mainline. 120-lb. test piano wire

Salty Hook Single Drop Bull Blaster

200lb Mono - 3ft. - 3oz. - 6/0 Bull Blaster/#1445

Salty Hook Single Drop Donkey Tamer

300lb Mono - 3ft. - 8oz. - 12/0 Donkey Tamer/#1440

Salty Hook Single Drop Drum Runner

200lb Mono - 3ft. - 4oz. - 8/0 Drum Runner/#1442