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Aftco - Fish Bat

Can't Rust Or Break & won't roll on the deck. AFTCO's Fish Bat is made of molded, glass-filled polypropylene, super strong and corrosion proof, with a special triangular shape that will not roll on the deck of a rocking boat. Features include an aggressive, molded-in textured grip for non-slip performance, a braided rope safety lanyard, and a special handle hook, handy for hanging the bat from a railing or ladder. With a 19-inch length and weighing 1.3 pounds, this fish bat hits very hard.

Aftco - Goldfinger Kite Clip Kit

The AFTCO Kite Clip Kit has everything needed, except Monofilament line or Dacron to set up a kite fly-line for fishing one or two baits. Each 11-piece set includes: Two Goldfinger Release Clips Five Kite Hooks Two black barrel swivels One heavy-duty snap

Aftco - Goldfinger Kite Release Clip

The Goldfinger Kite release clip is essentially the same clip as the Downrigger Clip,but has a gold titanium-nitride coated bail. Packaged with 5 Kite Hooks,the Kite Clip is designed for single or multiple clip use on kite fly-lines. For single use,this clip can simply be threaded on the fly-line. For multiple use,the clips slider-holes may be drilled out to allow swivels up to a #5 size to pass through (see Kite instructions). The enclosed nonabrasive kite hooks should be hooked on the fishing line,and the clip's bail should be passed through the hole opposite the hook. This allows the fishing line to be positioned properly in the Kite Clip once the bait is deployed.

Aftco - Outrigger Release Clip

Goldfinger Outrigger release clips should be attached directly to the outrigger halyard without the use of swivels. The adjustment-slider end of the clip needs to be "up" towards the tip of the outrigger. For fixed position bait trolling,the fishing line should be twisted 5 to 10 times before hooking loop over the clip's bail. The line may also be passed over the bail without twists to allow for adjustment of baits or lures.

Aftco - Roller-Troller Flat Line Clip

AFTCO Flat Line Clips put lines trolled from the stern of the boat into the water at a lower angle to minimize tangling and keep your lures below the surface for better action and when a fish strikes, you'll know at the instant the clip snaps open to release the line. The Flat Line Clip is fitted with a 135-lb. coated stainless steel cable and a heavy duty snap swivel.

Aftco Outrigger Release Clip

Goldfinger Outrigger release clips should be attached directly to the outrigger halyard without the use of swivels.