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Bait Rigging

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AFW - Mortician's Bait Rigging Needle

Don’t be frightened by the name, these strong stainless steel bait rigging needles have triangular razor-sharp points that easily penetrate through baits and plastics. The streamlined eye is easy to thread and won’t make large holes in your bait. Use to bridle and rig live bait and ballyhoo. Great for use with AFW Rigging Floss and waxed thread.

Bridle Buddy - Darts

Bridle Buddy Darts are the original Bridle Buddy live bait system refills. If you're an avid fisher, chances are, you will probably be rigging a lot of baits, that's where Bridle Buddy comes in. Bridle Buddy provides 10 pack replacement darts, with your choice of either plastic or stainless steel.

Bridle Buddy - Knockout Handles

The Bridle Buddy Knockout Handles improve the ease of use when rigging up your live bait with the Bridle Buddy system. Why use a screwdriver-like handle that angles your hand uncomfortably and can be prone to slipping when wet? The Knockout Handles straighten your grip and put the power behind the handle to give you full control. The ergonomic handle gives you a firm, comfortable grip with the easy squeeze lever. Save time and energy with the Bridle Buddy Knockout Handle, the next tackle upgrade you need.

C & H - BollyHoo Bait Springs

The C&H Ballyhoo Bait Springs are used for quick rigging of ballyhoo, cigar minnow, flying fish, and strip bait. They are easy-to-use and eliminates the use of rubber bands and copper wire.

C&H Lures - Kingfish Pro-Rig W/King Buster Lures

Length 2.5 in (6.35 cm) Head Weight 1/8 oz (3.5 g) Pro Rig contains 1 Kingbuster rigged with 3 ft (0.9 m) AFW Tooth Proof wire, 2 - #4 4x Mustad Treble Hooks and an AFW Swivel Use with strip bait, cigar minnow or rigged in front of live bait Adds color and action to improve strikes