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Diamond Fishing - Dredge Dawg Swivel

Don’t take a chance of loosing one of your $1000 high speed dredges. Just tie on a Diamond Dredge Dawg Swivel and put that problem to bed. These 500 and 1,000 pound test Stainless Steel Double Welded Eye Swivels are attached to a Super Strong Stainless Corkscrew Snap for quick and easy dredge changes and no worry of a snap straightening or coming unsnapped.

Fish Down Sea - Dredge Flare

The Dredge Flare is an excellent choice for a skirt over your dredge baits when you are pulling dredges.

Fish Down Sea - Dredge Shad

Fish Downsea Dredge Shads are the first of their kind, pre rigged and ready to clip on your dredge.

Fish Down Sea - Flying Fish

The Fish Down Sea Flying Fish is an excellent teaser and also a great hook bait for some situations especially for hungry tuna. As a teaser, it makes a lot of commotion when rigged up as a daisy chain and gets the attention of hungry pelagic! (See our pre-rigged Fish Down sea Flying Fish Chains).

Fishrazr - 1000# Dredge Connector cable

New, stronger connector cable. 900lb nylon coated wire with dual 1000# dredge cork screw swivels. This cable is ideal for connecting dredge bars when building a double or triple tier dredge. The cable is also a good connection between your fish weight and the dredge.

Fishrazr - Dredge FlapZ Tuna Silhouettes 10" 3pk

The ultimate dredge component. Light weight, easy to clear, unique action which all lead to being proven fish razr's. Tuna silhouettes made form heavy duty reinforced rubber. High strength, light weight dredge components. Rigged with a heavy duty brass grommet "eye". Dredge FlapZ are available in 7", 10", 12", 14" and 18" along with Flying Fish and are thinner for use in multiples on dredges.