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Boga Grips & Floats

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Danco - Lip Gripper


Danco Mini Lip Gripper


Eastaboga 15LB Boga Grip

The scale weighs fish up to15 pounds in 1/4-pound increments. It is 9 inches long and weighs 9 ounces.

Eastaboga 30LB Boga Grip

The scale weighs fish up to 30 pounds in 1/2-pound increments. It is 10 3/4 inches long and weighs 1 pound.

Eastaboga 60LB Boga Grip

The scale weights fish up to 60 pounds in ½ pound increments. It is 15 inches long and weighs 1 ½ pounds.

Hookset Marine Boga Float

Our Boga float was originally designed to float a 15lb. Original Boga Grip by Eastaboga Tackle. Customers also use the float for lip grippers from other manufacturers and for digital cameras. The Hookset Boga Float uses the same stable, zero-stretch material as our Pro Series Stringer along with marine grade stainless collar and ring, ensuring years of use.