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Decoy Rigging

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GHG - Quicksnap Gang Rig Clips

The best way to rig big open water decoy spreads. Gang Clips attach to long lines so you can deploy decoys in a hurry.

GHG - Stretchee Cords

Injection-molded 100% rubber

GHG -Quick Rig Float-All Kit

Featuring PowerLine, everlasting coated steel cable with less memory than traditional mono-filament decoy anchor line for uncoiled, always-straight deployment System includes: Coated-steel cable, Duck Egg weights, 5" floating carabiner, and copper line sleeve

GHG Quick Slider Lanyard

The Quick Slider is a basic lanyard that still retains high capacity and durability. Round braid parachute cord Four 2 drop attachments Side drops Black and green braid