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Fishrazr - Marlin Dredge Teasers

An exciting upgrade to our acclaimed FlapZ line, our 3-D Tuna FlapZ marlin dredge teasers give your tournament dredge a much bigger presentation from all angles. An excellent choice for serious anglers looking to gain a competitive edge in a tournament, 3-D Tuna FlapZ are game-changers with an innovative 3D design that brings more fish to the boat. Lightweight with low drag, 3-D Tuna FlapZ delivers realistic swimming action that’s irresistible to your prey.

Play Action -Hummingbirds

The 5″ Humming Bird mimics a flying fish fluttering on top of the water with frenzied action.

Squidnation - Black Flaps

Tuna Black flap. Black rubber Tuna that makes an excellent Dredge bait. Squidnation Black Flaps are Made in USA.

Squidnation - Flash Mob Strips

Squidnation Flash Mob Strips come in 3 sizes. 9 fish, 18 fish and 27 fish. Flash Mob Strips make a great flash enhancement to your existing squid or meat dread or create your own custom dredge.