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Bead - Bridgeport Diamond Jig

Bridgeport Diamond Jigs have set the standard for quality ability for over 70 years. Highly polished nickel finish, stainless steel end rings and eight points of reflective surface make it one of the all-time great saltwater lures. It also now features a THRU-WIRE design and stainless steel split ring.

Nomad Tackle- Gypsea Jig

The GYPSEA Jig is a back slide jig designed to be worked at slower to medium speeds. It will dart around and change angle aggressively when twitched and jigged. The sizes available mean you can fish this in shallow water for Grouper and Snapper, through to deep water for Yellowtail, Amberjacks and Tuna. The smaller jigs work very well when just "jiggled" near the bottom for a range of reef species. The jigs come fitted with super strong and super sharp BKK jig assist hooks matched perfectly to the size of the jig and are ready to fish straight out of the packet.

Ocean Tackle - Degen 200g/7.0oz Jig

The OTI Degen Jig is the perfect combination of a slow pitch jig and vertical jig. The rigid keel on the front side will reduce the speed of the fall and produce an even consistent flutter action, while the backside has a reverse contour that will provide a large darting action when speed jigging. The three vibrant color with glow stripes are sure to attract anything in the water column or on the bottom. Comes rigged with a Raptor Glow Assist Hook, Split Ring and HD Solid Ring.

Ocean Tackle -Jager Jig

The Jager body style features a wider asymmetrical rear-weighted form that creates a great erratic flutter action. Comes in four sizes from 100g (3.5oz) to 400g (14oz) and in five colors. All OTI jigs feature a glow in the dark edge with red 3D eyes and are packaged fully rigged and ready to fish with 2 Raptor assist hooks, 1 Raptor XH split ring, and 1 welded solid ring.

Ocean Tackle - Ricochet Jig

The OTI Ricochet jig is a great mid to deep water fish magnet. Its sleek, slender profile allows it to get down deep much faster and have an erratic darting action on the retrieve. Comes in three vibrant color with glow stripes that are sure to attract anything in the column or close to the bottom. Comes rigged with a Raptor Glow Assist Hook, Split Ring and HD Solid Ring.

Ocean Tackle - Slow Pitch Jig 220g

Ocean Tackle International Slow Pitch Jigs were developed from the Japanese Slow Jigging Technique. These Jigs have a slower rate of decent to replicate a shocked or stunned bait fish which gives the jig more time to get bit. This is due to the keel weighted design on the underside of the jig which gives it erratic actions on the fall. Rigged with Raptor Glow Assist Hook and Raptor Split and Solid Ring.