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Fish Monkey "The Crusher" Half Finger Jigging Glove

Manufacturer: Fish Monkey

Product Description

Fighting fish like marlin, tuna or wahoo can take its toll on your hands in the form of fatigue, cramping and even blisters. That’s when you should reach for The Crusher. This is the best all-around fishing glove on the water, with a special ergonomic design that mirrors the natural curve of your hands for the ultimate in protection and greatly reduced fatigue. There’s a special four-way quick-drying stretch material for comfort, synthetic leather palms for durability and Kevlar reinforcement to protect against cuts, scrapes and allows you to take a wrap on a fish. The exposed fingers mean you can still tie knots, open and close snap swivels and perform any other tasks requiring manual dexterity, while still being ready for a bite at a moment’s notice.


  • The best all-around glove in your arsenal
  • Ergonomic design allows for reduced hand fatigue allowing for maximum continuous pressure on your fish
  • Kevlar-reinforced material protects your hands from leader cuts and slicing
  • Synthetic leather palm offers superior construction and strength with second skin dexterity
  • Exposed fingers allow for knot tying, bait rigging, rod and cockpit management
  • PVC non-slip grip palm and fingers allows for superior leadering, billing, gaffing and general tackle management
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