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Fish Monkey - Stealth Dry-Tech Glove

The Stealth Dry-Tec features the latest in waterproof and water shed technology, proving a 100% waterproof construction to keep your hands bone dry while the exterior sheds water keeping the glove feather light. We added 40g ThinsulateTM Insulation, just enough to “cut the cold” but keeping the glove thin enough for exceptional feel and dexterity.

Fish Monkey - Stubby Guide Glove

It’s a half finger guide glove with shortened fingers and shortened wrist. The Stubby is a natural on the water especially for those who want the protection but not the bulk. Use them for poling the boat, casting, releasing fish and more, thanks to the “second skin fit” and quick-drying breathable fabric. The Stubby is a guide’s best friend.

Fish Monkey - The Beast Master Heavy Weight Wiring Glove

Designed with input from Capt. Charles Perry, one of the best deckhands in the sport-fishing world, the Beast Master gives excellent protection for the “wireman,” the deckhand tasked with grabbing a fistful of leader with a rampaging game fish on the other end. This glove is Kevlar-reinforced, with heavy interior padding to protect the hands from being crushed under intense pressure, while the extra-long cuffs protect the wrists from leader snags. If you’re chasing thousand-pound marlin or giant bluefin tuna, this is a vital part of your inventory!

Fish Monkey "The Crusher" Half Finger Jigging Glove

Fighting fish like marlin, tuna or wahoo can take its toll on your hands in the form of fatigue, cramping and even blisters. That’s when you should reach for The Crusher. This is the best all-around fishing glove on the water, with a special ergonomic design that mirrors the natural curve of your hands for the ultimate in protection and greatly reduced fatigue. There’s a special four-way quick-drying stretch material for comfort, synthetic leather palms for durability and Kevlar reinforcement to protect against cuts, scrapes and allows you to take a wrap on a fish. The exposed fingers mean you can still tie knots, open and close snap swivels and perform any other tasks requiring manual dexterity, while still being ready for a bite at a moment’s notice.

Fish Monkey Gripper Fillet Glove

When faced with a pile of fish to clean, better have The Gripper on hand. This one has ANSI 5 cut-resistant material to protect the hands from nicks and cuts while cleaning any fish, with latex rubber and wrinkle-finished palm for a sure grip under any conditions. The knit construction fits snugly for great knife control and yet because it’s a high-tech synthetic, it dries quickly and does not hold odors. Wear what professional fish-cleaners wear: The Gripper.

Fish Monkey Half Finger Glove

Professional fishing guides spend their days in the blazing sun and so skin damage and even cancer is always a risk. That’s why Fish Monkey introduced the Half Finger Guide Glove. It has a quick-drying fabric and synthetic leather palm plus SPF 50-plus sun protection for the backs of the hands, always a vulnerable area. The “second skin fit” contours to the natural shape of the hands, while exposed fingertips mean great dexterity for boat and tackle management. Get professional-level protection.