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Tournament Cable

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Tournament Cable - Bait Springs No Weight

These springs are formed with heavy gauge wire and measure 2 1/2" long. Very easy to screw into any rubber bait such as a shad body.

Tournament Cable - Flash Scale Kit

Each kit comes with 6 2" x 8" sheets of Mylar and a rigging wire. Quickly and easily added to any bait, Flash Scales will enhance the bait by giving off the natural flash of scales. Each kit should have enough Mylar to enhance approx. 36 baits.

Tournament Cable - Spreader Bar

Every Tournament Cable Spreader Bar starts with a precision machined stainless hub. Inside each hub is also a 350lb. Aussie Swivel for the connection, and while that is more than ample, we wanted to be consistent with quality and strength. While nylon or plastic may “do,” we didn’t want to just “make do.” We wanted to create a durable, solid hub that would stand up in the fight again and again and be ready to fish again instantly. And with quality and durability at the forefront on the drawing board, Titanium was the only logical choice when it came to selecting arms for Tournament Cable bars.