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Tormenter - Ballyhoo Bonnet

This awesome bait topper is excellent for sliding right over the loop on pre-rigged Ballyhoo, allowing for quick change of colors when you find out what color they are eating that day. The mylar skirts will attract fish from far further away than a simple rubber skirt. Also, the Ballyhoo Bonnet is the absolute best topper out there for Dredge Baits as these will also slide right over the pre-made dredge wire loops, and bring exciting color to your natural baits, Mud Flaps, Rubber Squids, etc.

Tormenter - Dredge Witch

For all you non pros - These witches will easily slide over the loop of any wire tied pre-rigs and most mono pre-rigs allowing you to enhance your pre-rigged bait! You Pros - Now you can forget about drilling out the Islanders to make them fit over your dredge wire loops as these Dredge Witches by Tormenter are. Crafted with machined and anodized aluminum and top grade "hair" these witches will perform and last for you.

Tormenter - Dredge Witch Mini

Use these Dredge Witch Minis as Bonnets for Ballyhoo and other trolling baits like any other "Witch" EXCEPT, you will NOT NEED to cut and re-rig wire or mono to add or remove from you rig. With a large center hole, simply slide these onto your rig when ready to deploy. No need to soak them in your bait box all day requiring you to clean them afterward.