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Top Brass Tackle

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Top Brass - Carolina Ticker Weights

Top Brass Carolina Tickers are specially designed to add more noise to your Carolina-rigged or Texas-rigged bait. The hard brass of the Ticker produces much more noise and more closely resembles the natural sound of a crawfish than lead. Use the Carolina Tickers any time you use a glass bead to produce a more natural sound that will get more attention from bass. Muddy water is an especially good place to use the Tickers, when you need all the noise you can get.

Top Brass - Carolina Ticker Weights/Beads

Add this thin brass disc and a glass bead to any Texas or Carolina rig sinkers to produce the noise-making advantages of brass-on-glass.

Top Brass - Croaker Clicker

The Croaker Clicker was developed to mimic the sound of live croaker, a favorite food of red fish and speckled trout.

Top Brass - Glass Beads 10MM

Glass beads are a great way to add flash, color, and sound to corks, harnesses, lures, and rigs.

Top Brass - Glass Beads 6MM

Glass beads are a great way to add flash, color, and sound to corks, harnesses, lures, and rigs

Top Brass - Pro Ticker Weights

Brass Tickers add more noise to a rig because they use brass or lead bullet weights and glass beads to catch bass. Most frequently, the Brass Tickers are placed between the knot that secures the hook or swivel to your line, and a glass bead. Usually, a bullet weight is placed above the bead. When the whole rig is hopped along the bottom or shaken, the Ticker/bead/bullet weight combination creates lots of bass attracting noise, which will cause the fish to focus on your bait. As you can see in the image, the central hole that is bored through the Ticker has rounded and polished edges to ensure there are no sharp spots to damage your line or knot. Try these Pro Tickers on a Carolina-rig or a Texas-rig for more sound and more attention from bass.