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Toit - Side Cutters

Manufacturer: Toit
SKU: 5060890390006
Manufacturer part number: TOIT-1

Product Description

Every tackle box needs a high-quality pair of fishing cutters, and Toit tools are the best in the business. Rugged, reliable, and resistant to corrosion, these fishing wire cutters are forged from high-grade Japanese 410 stainless steel. They have brazed tungsten carbide inserts in both jaws and a titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) surface coating. With no rubber, silicone, or plastic, they’re not just tough — they’re eco-friendly. A fixed cutting edge prevents twisting, breaking, and deforming, while the internal spring loading and ergonomic handle design make these cutters a joy to use. Simply put, these are top-of-the-line side cutters that won't need to be replaced unless you lose them overboard.

These fishing cutters are specifically for cutting single-strand fishing wire, making them an ideal choice to use alongside the Toit Haywire Twist Tool for creating not just haywire twists but Tokyo rigs and dingle dangle rigs, too. We highly recommend browsing our wide selection of Toit products. They make a variety of specialty tools, and you’ll be glad to have all of them in your kit.

Fish Razr is a company founded and run by professional anglers. We only carry tournament-grade products that are vetted and approved by the offshore angling community. We sell Toit tools because we use them ourselves, and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with your purchase. Quality fishing cutters will provide a lifetime of use, so invest in the best. Take advantage of fast and free shipping on orders $99+. Get your Toit fishing wire cutters at Fish Razr today.

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