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Toit - Haywire Twist Tool

Manufacturer: Toit
SKU: 5060890390037
Manufacturer part number: TOIT-4

Product Description

Take the hassle out of creating haywire twists with this essential fishing wire twisting tool from Toit. The haywire twist is one of the most underrated connections, but in-the-know anglers recognize that it’s among the strongest ways to connect your wire leader to a hook, lure, or swivel. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to knot a perfect haywire twist, this is the tool for you! The clever design makes creating haywire twists in three different sizes a breeze. Save time, avoid frustration, and make every connection as secure as possible. Like all Toit products, you can depend on the Haywire Twist Tool to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Crafted out of drop-forged stainless steel, this rugged tool is made to hold up to years of use and abuse. It’s easy to use — the form jaw lets you create an ideal initial loop and keeps it firmly in place while you create even neat wraps. Simple and effective. Use it for all types of rigs, including pike rigs, shark rigs, dingle dangle rigs, Tokyo rigs, and more.
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