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Toit - Crimpers

Manufacturer: Toit
SKU: 5060890390068
Manufacturer part number: TOIT-10

Product Description

Make a solid crimp connection every time with the Toit fishing crimping tool. These dependable fishing crimpers are rugged, ergonomic, and designed to deliver maximum torque and compressive strength—they’re capable of crimping 400lb leader material with ease. When you’re using thick leader material for reeling in massive game fish, knots just won’t cut it. They don’t cinch tight enough, increase in size, and tend to unravel. Use these fishing crimping pliers with brass, copper, or aluminum crimps to create a secure connection that won’t leave you hanging when it’s time to reel in that large pelagic fish. Toit is a highly respected brand that consistently crafts top-of-the-line products. This fishing crimping tool is no exception. The tool has a fantastic design that delivers incredible rotational force and load-bearing capabilities. The minimal surface area of the jaws and the short distance to the fulcrum allow for an incredible degree of torque and compressive strength you wouldn’t expect from pocket-sized crimpers. Forged from tough 410 stainless steel, this tool will be an irreplaceable piece of your kit for countless fishing trips to come. In addition to their fishing crimpers, we highly recommend all Toit fishing pliers. You’ll never need to replace them unless you accidentally lose them overboard. After adding this fishing crimping tool to your cart, shop all of our tournament-grade fishing gear. Our huge inventory includes a wide variety of high-quality products so you can find what you need for casual trips, international tournaments, or your retail store. We’ll ship your order fast so you can get back to doing what you do best. Get your tournament-ready offshore angling gear at Fish Razr.
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