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Sharkbanz Fishing - Zeppelin

Manufacturer: Sharkbanz Fishing
SKU: 860005564811
Manufacturer part number: SBF-OZEP

Product Description

Using our patented magnetic technology researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz Fishing tackle overwhelms a shark’s electroreception, creating a highly unpleasant sensation that can stop the ocean’s Taxman in his tracks – protecting your catch, gear, and good time on the water. Sharkbanz tackle does not harm sharks or repel other fish.

The Zeppelin's compact design minimizes drag and can be used to replace the sinker on your rig. Proven effective for Bottom Fishing. 


  • EFFECTIVE - Sharkbanz Fishing is proven to reduce the number of fish lost to sharks while targeting bottom-dwelling fish species. View our research below.
  • SIMPLE - Our magnetic technology requires no batteries or charging. Always On.
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 6.5 Oz. / 185 G
  • For best results: Attach the Zeppelin so the device will sit 18-36" inches (45-90 cm) from the tail of the target fish species. See below and FAQ for more Rigging info.
  • Depth Rating: Effective at any Depth
  • Magnetic Shielded Box for Safe Storage (Sharkbanz.com Only)
  • TSA and Airline Travel-Friendly
  • Constructed with Biodegradable Environmentally-Friendly PLA Materials 
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