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Owner - Inshore Slam K Hook

K-Hook (Inshore Slam) is designed similar to the old Kahle style bait hooks.

Owner - K-Hook (Inshore Slam)

K-Hook (Inshore Slam) is designed similar to the old Kahle style bait hooks. They are ideal for rigging all types of shrimp, crabs, minnows, worms, and other types of baitfish. They can be used for Freshwater Bass, Catfish, and all inshore species of saltwater fish. Features include Super Needle-Point, Black Chrome finish, extra wide gap, and straight pull toward the eye

Owner - Reef & Rig Circle Hooks

Reef and Rig Circle hook, available in the exclusive Owner “Reef and Rig” Packs, are designed for presenting large baits to big, strong game fish. An in-line, non-offset hook point is angled 90° to the XX-strong shank. Made from high carbon steel so they will “rust out” if left in a fish, unlike stainless steel. Features include a forged “hangnail” point and corrosion-resistant black chrome finish. Meets all Gulf State and Federal bottom fishing regulations.

Owner - Single Replacement Hooks

Single Replacement Hook X-Strong - Perfect for replacing trebles on freshwater and inshore baits.

Owner - Tournament Mutu Circle Hook

The Tournament Mutu Circle Hook was designed to meet accepted billfish tournament specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90° to the XX-strong shank. A versatile hook for presenting larger baits to big gamefish, and ideal for catch-and-release fishing. Features included a forged hangnail point and a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish.

Owner Solid Ring

Heavy-duty stainless solid rings that are virtually "unbreakable", and they offer superior strength as connectors between lines and leader.