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Nomad Designs - Madscad 150MM Lure

Manufacturer: Nomad Designs

Product Description

The MADSCAD 6” is a sinking stickbait that can be worked slow or fast with long or short twitches of the rod tip. A stop start retrieve creates an erratic swimming action that fish simply cannot resist. It is a long-distance casting stickbait ideal for nearly every predatory saltwater species. Designed and tested in Australia by the Nomad Sportfishing Team, Nomad Design lures are not only super tough and durable, but also feature unique colours and most importantly unique and highly effective shapes and actions. Each lure has been designed for a specific purpose and has been balanced and tested to work perfectly with the chosen hooks. Every Nomad Design lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch big fish.
WEIGHT 2-3/4oz
DEPTH Sub Surface
ACTION Sinking
HOOKS FITTED BKK Diablo 5X Singles 5/0
USES Casting – Trolling 2-6kn
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