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Momoi - Mini-Lock Sleeves

Manufacturer: Momoi

Product Description

Momoi's Hi-Catch Sleeves are constructed with the strictest quality assurance standards, to produce a high-quality, burr-free, precise-fitting sleeve every time. When matched with the proper diameter in virtually any manufacturer's line, these Hi-Catch Sleeves create an incredibly strong connection. Single Lock or Mini-Lock available.

A- 600lb Test

B- 500lb Test

C- 480lb Test

D- 400-450lb Test

E- 300lb Test

F- 250lb Test

G- 220-250lb Test

H- 150lb Test

L- 100-130lb Test

LL- 150-200lb Test

M- 60-80lb Test

S- 16-50lb Test

SF- 250lb Test

SG- 220-250lb Test

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