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Mojo Outdoors - Hull Sacker

Manufacturer: Mojo Outdoors
SKU: 816740004495
Manufacturer part number: HW2526

Product Description

The MOJO® Pick Stick has proved to be one of the most popular products in the shotgun shooting sports, on the range or in the field. It completely eliminates the need to bend over to pick up empty shotgun hulls. Everyone should pick up their empty hulls to Leave the area as clean as it was. Enter the MOJO® Hull Sacker, which is a net basket with a specially designed hinged lid that allows one to conve niently rake the hulls into the basket using only the two hands - as the basket serves as the container and no addi tional container is needed. The Hull Sacker will easily pick up a box or more of hulls before the need to clean the hulls off the stick. The weak point in this process has been that to "rake” the hulls from the stick into a container, it required both hands so one must set the container down to free both hands. The empty hull bag/basket holds up to 200 empty hulls which can be conveniently removed by simply turning upside-down allowing them to dump into whatever container is being used to accumulate them. Light, portable with a hanging strap for easy transport in the field or hanging when not in use. Together with the Pick Stick, this empty hull bag is a total solution to the chore of removing or saving empty hulls.
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