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Johnson Weedless Spoons

Manufacturer: Johnson Fishing

Product Description

Johnson Silver/Black Minnow Weedless Spoons feature a unique design and action that has been catching fish for over 80 years.

One of the most versatile and successful lures ever made, the legendary Johnson Silver Minnow is a tackle box standard. It casts a mile, it's weedless design makes it unstoppable through the heaviest cover, and it won't twist your line.

Minnow Weedless Spoons can be casted, trolled or jigged, or just twitched on the bottom. These lures are great for all predatory freshwater and saltwater gamefish species. Add a swirltail grub trailer bait for a deadly lure for salmon, walleye, bass, pike and musky.  

Qty. 1 per pack.

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