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JL Audio XD-MFBW-MAXI Fuse Block

Manufacturer: JL Audio
SKU: 699440904698
Manufacturer part number: 90469

Product Description

Water-Resistant Master MAXI™ Fuse Block

Water-Resistant Master MAXI® Fuse Block for 8 AWG - 4 AWG Wire (100A Maximum)


Our ultra-compact Maxi® Master Fuse Block is easy to install and allows you to accurately fuse your amplifier with a reliable, genuine MAXI® fuse. OmniSert™ captured-wire receptacles accept various size wires from 8 AWG to 4 AWG, without the need for adaptor sleeves.

Forged and machined brass construction with marine-grade stannum plating. A high-temperature polycarbonate base and hinged cover provide insulation and protection.

Requires one MAXI® Fuse, appropriately rated for the equipment being connected. These are sold separately. Fuse can be pulled and inserted without removing the cover.

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