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JL Audio XD-BTS Compact Battery Terminal

Manufacturer: JL Audio
SKU: 699440904582
Manufacturer part number: 90458

Product Description

Ultra-Compact Universal Battery Connector, Positive or Negative

The tiny size of the XD-BTS battery connector makes it easy for tight-space installations, and ideal for smaller systems that require a single main power wire for the audio system. OmniSert™ technology ensures secure, high-integrity wire contact in the captured-wire connector for any wire from 10 AWG - 4 AWG. An additional side-mounted power ring provision allows you to connect factory harnesses or an additional power wire, if needed.

The included adaptor collar allows it to be used for negative or positive battery post connections, where the secure clamping design ensures a tight fit to the battery post. Adaptors are sold separately for side-post batteries. Red and black caps are provided so that you can easily mark your battery connection as positive or negative.  

Forged and machined brass construction with marine grade stannum plating. A high-temperature polycarbonate cover provides insulation and protection.

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