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Hookset Marine Gear

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Hookset Marine Boga Float

Our Boga float was originally designed to float a 15lb. Original Boga Grip by Eastaboga Tackle. Customers also use the float for lip grippers from other manufacturers and for digital cameras. The Hookset Boga Float uses the same stable, zero-stretch material as our Pro Series Stringer along with marine grade stainless collar and ring, ensuring years of use.

Hookset Marine Flats Series Stringer

At 10’ long, using the same high quality stainless steel spike and tip as our Pro-Series stringer, the Flats Series stringer includes our standard Hookset commercial float, quick release float connection, and a heavy duty, vinyl coated stainless steel cable that will provide years of service. The stringer material is completely slick with no texture, so fish slide on and off with ease. Little to no memory, and heavy enough to prevent the crimping and knotting found in lesser stringer offerings on the market.

Hookset Marine Floating Fish Bag

The Hookset Floating Fish bag keeps your fish alive while you wade, and serves as a tote for your wading gear.

Hookset Marine Gear Pro Series Wading Belt - 6" Support

The 6” Support Wading Belts from Hookset Marine Gear are designed by fishermen and built to last. Back support features a Velcro loop to hold your coiled stringer before use and an additional D-ring for attaching BogaGrip, landing net or your floating fish basket. Also included is one stringer sheath and plier holster with 2 additional stainless-steel D-rings. The unique no slip, adjustable closure clasp allows simple resizing as you move from neoprene waders to breathable waders, to wet wading each season.

Hookset Marine Gear Pro-Series Pliers

Hookset Pro-Series Aluminum Pliers make the perfect addition to your arsenal of fish slaying weapons. Stop buying disposable pliers! Get it.

Hookset Marine Over Shoulder Wading Box

Hookset Marine Gear Over the Shoulder Wading Box includes a large Plano Hydro-Flo box for toting your favorite plastics, topwaters, corkies, spoons and jigheads while wading. Each box is built with heavy duty strap with no slip pad and constructed using stainless and aluminum rivets and washers designed to withstand the harsh saltwater environment. Grab your box and step over the side!