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Diamond Fishing - Hollow Core Braid 200LB-3000YD (Blue)

Manufacturer: Diamond Fishing Products
SKU: 695699743200
Manufacturer part number: 95699-74320

Product Description

Diamond Fishing Products present the easiest splicing braided fishing line ever: the Diamond Braid Generation 3. This hollow core braid is made with high grade materials and strengthened with state of the art braiding techniques. The generation 3 has advance the reel capacity and splicing speed of the line, while keeping costs at a fraction of other traditional hollow-core line. Built as a sixteen carrier multifilament ensures roundness preservation under tension, on the reel and while splicing.
  • Easiest splicing braided fishing line in existence
  • Fine diameters attuned to maximum reel capacities
  • Color Lock for permanent retention
  • Value family pricing allows immediate cost calculation
  • Reel Capacity sensitive spool yardage - 600yd and 1500yd
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