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H&H Lure Co. - "The Secret" Weedless Spoon

The H&H Secret Spoon was introduced on the market over 10 years ago and has been proving its name ever since! It is an exceptionally well crafted twist free weedless spoon. These spoons come in sizes 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 oz. with your choice of Nickel or Gold plating. If you want to catch your limit on Specks and Reds then you need "The Secret"!! TWIST FREE DESIGN FEATURING WEED RESISTANT SWIVEL CAP

H&H Lure Co. - Speck Rig 1/8oz

These two fishing lures are pre-rigged to simulate one chasing the other. The only difference is in size as the Speck Rig is 1/8 oz. and the Redfish Rig is 1/4 oz. These lures have pioneered trout fishing tackle as a fishing tandem and will land you bites consistently!

H&H Lure Company - Cocahoe Minnow 3"

There have been over 100 million sold of this deadly soft plastic lure. The Cocahoe Minnow is a must have in fishing anywhere along the gulf coast or wherever speckled trout and redfish can be found. This is a proven product by both commercial and sport fisherman year in and year out. Also, try our Cocahoe Minnow Double Rigs; two hooks = two fish at a time!

H&H Lure Company - Deboner W/Push Rod

When used correctly, this handy tool removes the backbone of mackerel, mullet and other natural baits to give them life-like swimming actions.

H&H Lure Company - Double Rig

Swimming Shad Double Rig These tandem rigs are designed specifically for the Texas Gulf Coast. Only produced in Glow color, this bait will the only night fishing bait you will need in your tackle box!

H&H Lure Company - Giant Curl Tail 8"

Whether you are trolling or casting, this 8" curl tail gets the job done! *Color option must be selected using drop menu. 8" Giant Curl Tails go perfect with our King Bullet Jig Heads