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FUDO Hooks - Gordo HD Circle Hook

FUDO Gordo Circle Hooks are designed for tournament anglers who seek to catch large billfish, and are named after Cabo's legendary Gordo Bank, where many Bisbee's Black & Blue-winning fish have been caught through live baiting. These hooks are inline and purpose-built for withstanding battles with massive gamefish, from strike to end game on the wire. Made from premium carbon steel, the extra heavy construction of these hooks enables them to withstand the strength and power of huge gamefish. The hooks are razor sharp, and their tips are reinforced with special forging to ensure uniform strength throughout the hook. The welded eyes of the hooks allow for easy snelling. The Gordo Circle Hooks are highly resistant to rust, thanks to a special matte black finish and proprietary clear coat protectant. This means that they can be reused throughout a tournament.

Fudo Hooks - Sta-Stuk Clips - 10 pack

Sta-Stuk Clips are available in 10 packs for use with all sizes of Sta-Stuk Hooks, sizes 9/0-11/0. Includes 10 outer sleeves and 10 inner sleeves.

Fudo Hooks - Sta-Stuk Kona Cut Point

Sta-Stuk is a revolutionary and PATENTED (US Patent #10405529) big-game hook design that is proven to improve your hookup ratio when targeting big game species. The brainchild of Release Marine’s founder Sam Peters, the Sta-Stuk idea and concept has been proven to be the most effective trolling hook for offshore sportfishing. Tested world-wide over the last 5 years and endorsed by Top Captains Including Marty Bates of Cape Verde/La Onda Milla fame.

Fudo Super Ocean "Grander" Curved Needle Eye Hooks

FUDO Super Ocean "Grander" Curved Needle Eye Hooks are commercial-grade Southern Style "Tuna Bend" hooks, offering superior strength and sharpness. Forged and constructed of stainless steel, these hooks are produced and hand formed in Kobe, Japan to exacting standards. FUDO Super Ocean "Grander" Curved Needle Eye Hooks stem from the desire to build a stronger hook that won't bend at the throat or break at the tip when the fish of a lifetime is on the line. Extra strength is achieved through heavier gauge wire; each size hook benefits from the gauge of the next size up, adding only an additional 0.25mm to the diameter. Once constructed, Fudo adjusts the time and temperature for the tempering process to achieve added strength. Conservatively speaking, these hooks are 2x strength. The conical point of FUDO Super Ocean "Grander" Curved Needle Eye Hooks are sticky sharp and provide excellent penetration capabilities. Each hook is hand sharpened to ensure it is fishable out of the package.

Fudo Super Ocean "Hays" Aida Needle Eye Hook

FUDO Super Ocean "Hays" Aida Hooks are the culmination of real-world feedback and desire to offer big game hooks that anglers will utilize day in and day out. Working closely with the likes of notable captain/lure crafter Andy Moyes and others, FUDO is pleased to offer this versatile hook to anglers around the world. This model hook is the perfect blend between our Super Ocean "Grander" Curved and Super Ocean "Hays" Open models. While some anglers swear by it, some prefer less bend than the "Grander" Curved, while some prefer more hook tip in than the "Hays" Open, so we positioned the hook point precisely in between, or "Aida" in Japanese. As part of the Super Ocean series, the "Hays" Aida Needle Eye Hooks are built extra heavy to withstand long, drawn out battles with large gamefish. The needle eye configuration is a fantastic choice when preparing hook sets with wire.

Fudo Super Ocean Southern Tuna Needle Eye

FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna Needle Eye Hooks feature a traditional tuna bend throat and offer anglers best in class strength, performance, and durability. Though the Southern Tuna hook's heritage stems from its favor within the tuna fleet, they are excellent hooks for trolling all pelagic species and baiting swordfish. The construction of this classic hook starts with premium Japanese stainless steel. Each hook is hand formed and sharpened by skilled craftsmen in Japan to ensure quality and fishability out of the box. The needle eye is the preferred hook connection point for building stainless steel cable hook rigs, creating a smooth transition and less bulk than ringed hooks. The eyes are formed with a punch and painstakingly deburred one at a time to eliminate rough edges that might otherwise fray cable or mono/fluorocarbon leader. These hooks carry the Super Ocean designation, indicating they are built extra strong and will not fail when the fish of a lifetime is pulling its hardest. To achieve this strength, each hook is composed of premium Japanese stainless steel, using the wire of the larger size hook. Once the hook is formed, a proprietary heating treatment is applied. Lastly, these hooks are put through passivation treatment to ensure additional corrosion resistance to ensure greater longevity when exposed to harsh maritime conditions.