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Fathom Offshore

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Fathom - 6 Pocket Roll Up Lure Bag (Medium)

Designed to be compact and easy to care for, Fathom Offshore lure roll up bags eliminate the hassle of tangled lures and sun-damaged skirts.

Fathom Offshore - 7691s Spun 920 Cable Hookset

A premium stainless 920lb 49- strand 7x7 cable double spun hookset, paired with MUSTAD’s 7691S stainless hook. Perfect for all big game and marlin setups.

Fathom Offshore - Adhesive Lined Shrink Tube

Keep your cable crimps and hooksets protected and in place with our 4:1 adhesive lined marine grade shrink tubing. Black in color. Sold in four pieces of 1' lengths. (4' total)

Fathom Offshore - BallyHoo Springs Medium, 10 Pack

Made from high grade stainless steel, these easy to use Ballyhoo springs help make rigging ballyhoo of all sizes a breeze. Perfect for putting behind sea witches or Fathom Offshore Mini Soft heads. Available in two sizes: MD (designed for Small to Medium Ballyhoo) and LG (for Large, Select, and Horse Ballyhoo)

Fathom Offshore - Colored Chafe Tube 6" (More Colors)

Perfect for cable and mono; this durable chafe tubing is a simple way to avoid line chafe and the potential of losing that winning fish.

Fathom Offshore - Mini Soft Chugger 4"

Take your ballyhoo or dead bait to the next level with the all-new “Mini Soft Heads.” These high quality, durable, high contrast miniature lures add just enough pop and color to your ballyhoo rig (circle or J-hook) to give you the edge and get noticed.