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Fathom Offshore

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Fathom - 6 Pocket Roll Up Lure Bag (Medium)

Designed to be compact and easy to care for, Fathom Offshore lure roll up bags eliminate the hassle of tangled lures and sun-damaged skirts.

Fathom - Trolling Lance SS Hooks

A stainless hook designed specifically for Offshore Fishing with a price tag that won't break the bank.

Fathom Offshore - 7691s Spun 920 Cable Hookset

A premium stainless 920lb 49- strand 7x7 cable double spun hookset, paired with MUSTAD’s 7691S stainless hook. Perfect for all big game and marlin setups.

Fathom Offshore - Rubber Hook Locks

(Sold in tubes of 6) A must have for any serious lure fisherman, allowing for a secure and straight hook connection between lure and hookset. These hook locks eliminate spinning or turning of hooks that can negatively affect the running motion of the lure. Simply glue to the skirt saddle of your favorite lure and sink the mono to hook connection (crimp) inside of the hook lock.

Fathom Offshore - Trolling Lance SS Hookset

If you're looking for a bulletproof economical stainless hook set, look no further.

Fathom Offshore Release Knife

Hard polymer release knife features durable fixed blade, recessed location and zip tie holes for pole mounting.