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Diamond Fishing - 8X Braid ­30LB-3000YD (Blue)

Manufacturer: Diamond Fishing Products
SKU: 695699727231
Manufacturer part number: 95699-72723

Product Description

Introducing the next leap in High Performance Fishing Line: Diamond G3 8X Solid Core Braid. Diamond Fishing Products shifts solid-core braid manufacturing into high gear – *Diamond Braid Generation 3*. Higher-grade materials strengthened with state-of-the-art braiding techniques give *Diamond Fishing Products’ Generation 3 Braid* a unique combination of fishing characteristics. Diamond Generation 3 Braid offers outstanding knot strength, and it’s color lock technology ensures your line maintains its color longer than the competition and spools maintain uniform color. Available in Blue, Orange and Dark Green.

With a reel Purchase In-Store Discounted line Spooling.

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