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Salty Hook Single Drop Bull Blaster

200lb Mono - 3ft. - 3oz. - 6/0 Bull Blaster/#1445

Salty Hook Single Drop Donkey Tamer

300lb Mono - 3ft. - 8oz. - 12/0 Donkey Tamer/#1440

Salty Hook Single Drop Drum Runner

200lb Mono - 3ft. - 4oz. - 8/0 Drum Runner/#1442

Salty Hook Tile Teaser Premade Leader

Tile Teaser/#1444 400lb Mono - 6ft. -10/0 (5)

Seaguar - Inshore Fluorocarbon Line

Fishing skinny water. Running the flats. Working the jetty. Casting from shore. Now you’ve got a Seaguar leader built to handle the toughest inshore challenge. Made from 100% custom Seaguar resins, Inshore offers incredible abrasion resistance with maximum impact and knot strength. It’s faster-sinking and significantly less visible underwater than mono. You get famous Seaguar performance in an economical fluoro – perfect for everyone.